My Mission Statement

This is who I strive to be. Sometimes, I succeed.

By Jesse Flores

Jesse Flores writing at his desk

When I was a young man, shortly before I left for college, I took some time to really think about the kind of person I wanted to become. At that time, I crafted the first draft of this statement, replete with fancy cursive-looking font.

At various times in my life, I’ve been closer to and much, much further away from being this person. Nevertheless, this is what I value and whom I’ve always strived to be, at least directionally. I rely on prayer, good habits,  my friends and family to hold me accountable to these standards.

1. Dedicated Catholic Christian

I am a Catholic Christian who is dedicated to the service, teaching, work and example of Jesus Christ and his Church.

2. Always Seek God’s will

I continually seek to do God’s will.

3. Committed to Growth & Authentic Freedom

I am perpetually dedicated to the development of my mind, body, and spirit in an effort to become a more educated, capable ,and free human being.

4. Attuned to Poverty

I am attuned to the great sense of poverty, injustice, oppression, and hopelessness that pains the lives of so many people. I employ my gifts, talents, resources, and profession in service to others.

5. Grateful for my Gifts

I am grateful for what has been given to me, which I recognize is to be used as a gift for others.

6. Strive for Excellence

I continually strive for excellence in my profession, as I understand it to be a vocation and thereby a means by which I might best serve God and my neighbor.

7. Committed to Diversity

I aim to see the good in all people and welcome diverse perspectives on life, as these perspectives serve to uplift, inspire, and facilitate growth.

8. Committed to Relationships

I value my relationships and am grateful to all of those who have helped me to become the man I am – and the man I will become. I understand that each of us has a deep desire for reciprocated love and I strive to share God’s love with everyone whom I meet and everyone I love.


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